Friday, March 28, 2008

Daily Rounds....

Thank gosh its Friday. Here’s the latest news……

  • * John Krasinski sat down with USA Today and chatted about his upcoming release, Leatherheads and his affection for George Clooney.

  • * Sumner Redstone and Tom Cruise buried the hatchet and talked shop over lunch in Beverly Hills. Supposedly, Cruise is interested in returning to the Mission Impossible franchise, which is still owned by Sumner’s Paramount.

  • * Speaking of Scientology fans, Pete Doherty is allegedly learning the basics behind CSI because of a new love interest and a wanting to stay clean of drugs.

  • * Finally, Lost Highway is available on DVD in the US. It’s a no frills version, nothing like the Special Editions of Twin Peaks or Wild at Heart that were released in the past few years. This movie has one of my top five scariest moments in movie history. Here it is:

  • * Run Fatboy Run, written by Michael Ian Black, starring Simon Pegg and Hank Azaria and directed by David Schwimmer is not getting the best reviews. In other State News, have you checked out Michael Ian Black’s and Ken Marino’s arc on REAPER? Genius!
  • * And finally, make sure you stay away from wombats! A man is alleging that she was raped by a wombat and that after the traumatic encounter she was then able to speak Australian. You can’t make this shit up people.