Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Project Runway Countdown....

Ok so today, well tonight, is the day I have been waiting for. People I am on a computer 8 -12 hours a day, which I will one day blame for my cancers and blindness, but I digress, uhhh where's my point. Oh right, I have yet to see anything from the three designers who showed at Bryant Park for the Project Runway finale. Well all I have seen is whatever was shown in last week’s episode and I am seriously busting at the seams.
Less then six hours away and I can't wait. I am pretty sure the real battle is between Jillian and Christian. While Christian is a master craftsman with insane couture skills, I think that Jillian just has more of a commercial friendly vibe and can see her clothes on a lot of different people. I think also this season will have the final three ALL going somewhere in their career. Yes, so my vote tonight is for Jillian, who I honestly think could be the next Donna Karan, but if any three of them win, I will be happy. I think for the first time everyone in the finale really deserved to be there and my guessing in the beginning of the season was actually correct.

While I would love to be live blogging this awesome event, I will be having Zach Galifianakis make me laugh at 10PM tonight so no spoilers until my DVR is set and ready to play. In preparation, People magazine put together the best looks of season four of Project Runway. Below the adorable video of Tim Gunn and Christian having a walk off are some of my favorite pieces this season. So everyone enjoy the fabulous Bryant Park show and I’ll see you on the other side of the finale. And please feel free to comment on who you think should win. Once we have recapped, I would LOVE to hear what everyone thinks about the winner and the collections as a whole!!!!

Some of my favorite designs of the season....