Monday, March 31, 2008

Reality Round Up.....

Every Monday, The Spielster will be wrapping up who was told to pack their knives, America voted, pack your stuff or your tour ends here last week…

  • * America voted off Chikezie this week from American Idol. Although he wasn’t the most talented or charismatic contestant on the program, there were definitely some worse performances than his. And Kristy Lee Cook’s assault on Red State America with her “Proud to Be an American” performance, as she didn’t even find herself in the bottom three this week. Entertainment Weekly caught up with Chekezie and chatted with him about his experience on AI this year.

  • * Erik Hopfinger, the tattooed tough guy on Top Chefwas asked to pack up his knives fter his corn dogs were judged to be too soggy. It’s been a rough road for the nice guy chef and I don’t think anyone thought he would be staying till the end. These chefs did not aim to impress the judges this week with their lame street fare for a local Chicago block party.

  • * Bret Micheals sent the last attractive lady, Jessica, home last night on Rock of Love 2. The last four ladies went to Las Vegas with Bret and Heather from Rock of Love 1. Heather started massive shit between the girls and Daisy about her still living with her ex-boyfriend, Nikki Sixx 2.0 and being all in debt. Heather was just jealous and all these bitches are nuts. Jessica, the na├»ve one, well at least that’s what we were told every 5 minutes, was told her tour stopped there because she “was a young soul”. Which means Bret knew she would become tired of him and his old balls as soon as the cameras stopped rolling. It’s pretty obvious Daisy is going to win.

  • * Tyra and the judges sent another one packing this week and the unlucky girl this time was Aimee. ANTM has a knack for almost hitting hits viewers in the head with which model will be in the bottom two at the end of the episode. This week’s shoot took place in McCarren Park Pool in Williamsburg. Its always weird to watch these chicks hang out somewhere when I spend a good amount of my time. Anywhos, Claire was a bitch to Dominique during the episode and sucked at her shoot. Aimee whined about not getting naked and sucked on her photo shoot. Ultimately the judges knew Aimee was going home because she was just “girlfriend pretty”. Also, Anya won the first challenge of the day and got to take a soft core photo shoot with Nigel. Now that’s my kind of prize.

  • * We watched another hoochie go home on Flavor of Love 3. The ladies met with old contestants Saaphyri and Buckwild to make a “sexy” calendar and the two ladies thought none of these chicks were good enough for the prince Flav. So they brought in four new girls, who are obviously looking for love in a 50 year old has been rapper. But before this, Flav kicked out Shy last go around. It was probably because she made the mistake of telling him the cost of fixing her teeth was equal to the price of a brand new Mercedes. The girl had such bad breath that Flavor brought it up numerous times to her and she ended up going to the dentist. Now Flav is not picky at all when it comes to ladies, but even he has breath standards. It just keeps getting better.

  • * And finally, I don’t watch the following shows, but that doesn’t mean my readers don’t. Here is what happened in the other reality shows last week, like >a href=””>Dancing with the Stars, The Bachelor: London Calling, Big Brother and that Pussycat Dolls mess on CW.


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    Jenny said...

    Favorite part of America's Next Top Model was Claire screaming with glee when she found out she had another week in the house.

    Can't wait for this week's episode when Lauren freaks out.