Wednesday, March 12, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: Meeting of the CSI Minds....

Sources report EXCLUSIVELY to The Spielster that The Church of Scientology called an emergency meeting late last night at their Clearwater, Florida headquarters resort. Insiders tell me that this was not just any other meeting and that ALL levels of Scientologists were expected to attend the midnight meeting. It might have been an early celebration of their leader L. Ron Hubbard's birthday or it could have meant something bigger to the followers. Is it possible for another prophecy from Hubbard? Who knows, I got a letter from the man a few months ago- NO JOKE!

The meeting was also expected to discuss the recent efforts of the anti-Scientology group Anonymous.
The group, who has continuously picketed the Churches, leaked private information and targeted
its members, are increasing their presence in the media. One can only think what is next that they
will distribute and odds are that the meeting had a great deal to discuss on the group. This could be the reason why we haven't seen Tommy Boy out and about the past few days either, he was making hubbard a birthday gift. Cross your hands everyone and make sure Xenu ain't on his way back. Next week check back to see what other couples the CSI have created to gather more members. You might not have ever guessed some of them!

DISCLAIMER: The Spielster is in NO WAY affiliated with Anonymous or any of their productions. I do not support, nor condone their actions. The Spielster is also not affiliated with the Church of Scientology.

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Anonymous said...

It's pretty common knowledge that Anonymous is planning the next raid for Saturday the fifteenth. ElRon's bday. Day two of the worldwide protests. I don't think they realized how huget the last one was going to be.