Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tyra Banks leaving America's Next Top Model????

Is Tyra Banks leaving “America’s Next Top Model”? OK! Magazine is reporting that the supermodel diva is incredibly unhappy with her CW program and wants out! She has apparently not been getting along with Jay Manuel, whom carries photo shoot creative director these days, and is finding teaching skinny girls how to model is not as rewarding as the work she is doing on her syndicated talk show. Banks has been reportedly beyond difficult on set this season and does not spend any time with the contestants more than she has to, which is very different from previous cycles.

America’s Next Top Model is currently in its 10th cycle, which is similar to a season and while the “supermodel” guests are getting better this time around, the challenges are becoming boring and monotonous, with a hint of preachy. On the other hand, Tyra’s daily talk show is doing extremely well, especially with the caliber of guests she is getting, i.e Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and with her drive to become a modern day Oprah, it would be a smart move to make the transition to a serious talk show host. Personally, Banks can go away, as long as Jay stays and I will still tune in.

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Tiff said...

I hate Tyra. She is beyond annoying this season and the period cramp thing was just gross.

What do you think of the girls this cycle?