Thursday, March 13, 2008

I can't believe that country girl got a pass....

My name is Danielle and I watch American Idol and I am pretty shocked by this week's results. While I know David's performance was cheesy, it definitely was not the worst that night. I am pretty sure his stripping past did not help him grow a fan base. But how is that Kristy Lee Cook still here after this performance last week.

I think the new Lindsay Lohan movie Chapter 27, about the death of John Lennon will sit better with Beatles' fans then this murdering of "8 Days a Week". See, this chick thinks because since the country/Southern thing worked for my girl Carrie Underwood, it will work for her. She forgot one important thing - Underwood has talent. This Cook somehow managed to ruin two songs, two weeks in a row and she needs to get her candy ass booted next week. And how did David Archuleta, who forgot lyrics and was off pitch for half the song, not even get in the bottom three? America - you are disappointing me as always. Here is Hernandez getting the boot.