Monday, March 10, 2008

Oh Project Runway...when will the fun end.

This weekend Amy Adams hosted Saturday Night Live and frankly, she was gosh darn funny! She has quite good comedic timing, which you will see if you rent Drop Dead Gorgeous and her uncanny resemblance to Kristen Wiig was enough to create multiple sketches celebrating it. But, my personal favorite was Amy Poehler as Project Runway's fierce winner Christian Siriano. SNL mocked the reality format Bravo uses so well and here is the end product.

I said it last week that this kid is TV gold and I am pretty sure out of any of the PR winners, he is the one most of us want to see again and again. As long as he increases his vocabulary past the word "fierce" and "I want to die".

And here is some more news for you Project Runway fans:

  • * Apparently Tim Gunn does does not like Victorya Hong. He lets us know this and other juicy things about Season 4 of Project Runway in an interview with The Chicago Tribune.
  • * And Victorya responded to Blogging Project Runway. And by responds, I mean talks shit on Tim Gunn. Can't we all just be friends?