Friday, August 10, 2007

Let's wrap it up

Another rainy day in New York and I ain't in a good mood. Today has been pretty quiet on the celebosphere and I am sick of posting depressing NY crime stuff, so let's keep it a bit upbeat today.


  • And I will go for the easy joke here, Winehouse says "No, No, No" to rehab The chick apparently on a Motley Crue style bender and ended up in the hospital. Jeez..what happened to the days it took more then a year to crash and burn?
  • Laura and Jenna Bush set to publish children's book The book will be released in Spring of 2008. and “according to HarperCollins, "depicts a mischievous little boy who likes to do everything but read.”
    Does that description sound familiar to anyone??? Just saying is all…
  • It might be raining in NY, but it seems that all the leaks are happening in D.C.
  • Somehow the NY Post manages to take a Woody Allen quotequote and turn it against Lindsay Lohan. In the upcoming "Conversations With Woody Allen," published by Knopf, Allen discusses his problems with insuring and bonding Robert Downey Jr. and Winona Ryder for his film “Melinda and Melinda” and was forced to pick other, not so good replacements. Obviously their records was what made it so difficult and what could make it so difficult for Lindsay Lohan to be in a film anytime soon, but what really bugged me was who they wouldn’t bond. You are telling me that some actress “stealing” (and since celebs usually get their stuff for free, who cares) and a heavy duty drug addict are one in the same to an insurer???

    This weekend The Spielster will dishing on the ten bands you need to listen to now (if you haven't been already), the terrifying world of The Two Coreys & my Lohan assessment.