Monday, August 27, 2007

I hope this jerk goes away for a long time.

Michael Vick has plead guilty to a federal dogfighting charge this morning and will be sentenced on December 10th later this year. The athlete apologized repeatedly in his statement to the court and admitted he was not truthful originally because he “was ashamed” of his actions. Vick could face up to 5 years in a federal prison, but since the judge, Henry E. Hudson, does not have a set term he must send the athlete to jail for, most experts believe he will serve 2-5 years. In a statement, Vick apologized to the NFL league, his coach, teammates and the children who look up to him. He is still suspended until the terms of his sentencing are decided and could be kicked off the Atlanta Falcons later this year.

What I love about this asshole is that he described the suffocation of innocent doggies as “immature”. And apparently, since realizing his ass was going to get pummeled in jail cause this shit was not going to slip under the rug, Vick “gave himself to Jesus”. How come poor Jesus always gets these amoral assholes after their luck is up the shitter. Hopefully this guys loses all his money and his career goes down the toilet because if you aren’t smart enough to know killing things ain’t right, you don’t deserve millions of dollars and admiration from children across the nation. Ughh…this guy makes me sick. And speaking of privileged assholes, DMX's Phoenix home was raided this weekend. Drug paraphernalia, cages, injured dogs and charred canine remains were found, and about ten pups were removed from the site to receive medical attention. According to DMX’s rep, the rapper owned the home, but did not live there nor had visited in months. There was a “care taker” responsible for the premises who “obviously wasn’t doing his job”. I love how murder is just “immature” and “not doing your job” in these dudes eyes. Let’s see how this one plays out.