Thursday, August 23, 2007

Daily Rounds

My knee is still jacked up and I am stuck in an immobilizer for longer then I would like to be, so the posts this week will be a bit shorter then usual. This weekend, we will begin our very much delayed "Where are they now??" segment featuring the cast of: Dream a Little Dream

And now let's get to the news:

  • Ticketmaster may no longer be buds with Live Nation. Word is talks between the concert promotion organization and the ticket czar have all but ended, creating the rumor that Live Nation will be starting their own ticketing site. This could be good news for us ticket buyers, since if it was run by one company they might lower these "convenience fees" and more tickets would be available at the venue before the event.

  • Lohan lets OK! Magazine document her recovery. And by that I mean, the mag and starlet staged "rehab" loving pics of Lohan reading the Big AA book and hopping around Utah looking clean and sober. I guess after three rehab stays, your bills can't just pay themselves anymore.
  • Speaking of Lohan being clean and sober,
    the actress was one lucky girl today. The judge hearing both of her DUI cases decided not to charge her with felonies, but keep both incidents as misdemeanors, and the cocaine possession has been dropped. This means that even if the actress was found guilty and did not make a plea, her maximum sentence would be 4 days in jail. And apparently, TMZ hears that her reckless behavior, closeness of both arrests, and unhappy home life all lead the judge to take it easy on her due to her "addiction". Well Hollywood, it looks like we have another Robert Downey Jr. on our hands.
  • Bridget Moynahan has baby Brady. Moynahan and Tom Brady welcomed their first child yesterday, Wednesday. The couple who separated after a 3 year relationship early on in the pregnancy, were in good spirits yesterday and Brady has been requesting time off from his football career to spend with his newborn.

  • These bitches are luckier then I thought. According to the
    E! Network, most reality stars make anywhere from $10,000 to $25,000 per episode. This means that Heidi and Spencer are making about $100,000 every 6 months, not including free products or payment for attending parties, for giving me migraines. Uggh America....
  • Top Chef makes Tre pack up his knives. The chef who I thought would stay on to at least the final three was kicked off last night. During the "Restaurant Wars Redux", Tre lead his team to weak performances and sent out bad dishes one after the other. I am not sure if the blame could be solely left on the executive chef or the entire team on this one. And I have to agree with Entertainment Weekly on this one and wonder "Aren't your efforts judged cumulatively on this program?" I mean granted Tre sent out 2 meager dishes out of the 3 he made and was responsible for the atmosphere within the kitchen, why aren't the chefs who prepared only one meal or no meals held more accountable? Maybe I am just shocked that Tre left before Sara, Casey or Dale? This pretty much means they have already lost my "Sam" and I am not sure who I am voting for anymore.

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