Monday, August 13, 2007

Daily Rounds

Monday, Monday...why are you here again?? I feel like the weekends are so much shorter during the summers. This is probably because for most of working stiffs this is the only time we have enjoy the summer weather, hit up the beach and relax with our friends.

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This Sunday, and pretty much every weekend so far this summer, I hit up the pool parties at McCarren Park. Ted Leo & the Pharmacists headlined, with some great support from the Thermals and Birds of Avalon DJ set. It was friggin’ hot out and super crowded, but both the Thermals and Ted Leo rocked the house. I was a bit bummed because I overheard the sound check earlier in the day and Leo was playing “Spirit of Radio” by Rush, but not go for the actual concert. All in all it was a great day and could be one of the last performances I see there this summer.

Anyways, this morning had us saying good bye to a few people, namely Merv Griffin, who passed away this weekend from prostate cancer. Also we found out that Karl Rove, chief political strategist for the President will step down from his White House post by the end of August. Rove says the leave is so he can spend more time with his family. I am going to believe that just as much as everything else that has come out of his mouth and assume he is going to begin working “behind the scenes” for a Republican hopeful for the election of 2008. My vote is behind New Gingrich or Fred Thompson, but who knows.

Let’s get to the rest of the news…..

  • Joe Francis is an even bigger jerk then I thought. Apparently the perv who gained his mega millions from coercing young drunk chicks to make out with their friend during spring break all for a t-shirt is pissed that Hugh Heffner and Larry Flynt have backed him up during his legal problems. The thing is Playboy nor Penthouse never had to coerce their sexy ladies to take off their clothes. They were willing participants and all of age, as far as both publications are concerned.

  • Universal Music Group will be allowing it's music to be sold without copyright protection through online vendors. The music group says they will see how well this works out the next few months through most of their online retailers. iTunes will not allow it’s music to be sold without protection, so Universal’s catalog will remain protected through that outlet.
  • Vicks reportedly to be suspended for the entire 2007 football season. I am glad the commission is finally taking a stand after this horrific incident.
  • AT &T claims censorship of Pearl Jam "accidental". Although the telecommunications company said a few days ago there was no censorship, now it is saying it was all by accident. Ironically, the band was censored during their Lollapalooza performance in Chicago when Eddie Vedder began to sing about “removing” Geroge Bush from office.
  • Britney's "cousin" gets served by K Fed's lawyer. In his bid to gain more custody of their two children, as well as more cash money, K Fed wants to hear what Alli Sims, Spears’ “cousin” has to say about her parenting skills. TMZ is reporting that K Fed is suing for additional custody for the extra cash that will come with the kids. (NO! KFed can’t be after her money. I never saw that one coming.)
  • Flavor Flav got roasted last night and it was actually funny. And most comedians were smart enough to keep their jokes towards Carrot Top and not Ice-T. Nobody wants to get shot over a Comedy Central roast.

  • And the weekend’s box office results are in and Rush Hour 3 actually got top numbers. Here’s the rest of the top ten and their standings: