Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Daily Rounds..

My internet has been acting up so I am a bit delayed in the daily rounds. Let's get to it:

Brooke Astor dies at age 105. The philanthropist who brought the idea of charity to the wealthy passed away yesterday at her home in New York. The classy broad was a fixture within NYC's cultural organizations, such as MOMA, Carnegie Hall & Central Park, to name a few. Astor used her fortune to fund some of the most influential programs and organizations and that support led to her receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civilian honor, in 1998. She will be missed.

Ed Limato gets to keep his client list. Ex-ICM agent gets to keep his client list, one of the most influential in the business. Limato reps stars such as Denzel Washington, Steve Martin and Richard Gere.

China's trying to poison our kids again.

Tawny Kitaen sues ex-husband for millions. She used forensic science to find out her ex was stealing millions of bucks.

Amy Winehouse finally says yes! The singer is apparently in the U.S. going through here first rehab stay. Word is Kelly Osbourne recommended the rehab center so who knows how sober this chick will be.

"Superbad" is finally opening!!! Here is some coverage of it's LA premiere this past Monday. I have beensuper excited about this movie for a very long time!!!

CBS to settle with Imus. Supposedly, he will be paid $20 million for being let go before his contract after the hole NJ "basketball ladies" fiasco a few months ago.