Wednesday, August 8, 2007

While you were trying to get to work this morning New Yorkers.....

I am just going to say it…It’s days like today where I dream of being stuck in traffic in my own car for two hours. This morning was one of my top three worst commutes ever in the city. We here in NY and some areas of Jersey had one hell of a rainstorm hit us overnight and it literally tore shit up. Almost all of the subways are still not running as they are literally bailing the tunnels out. Now usually the morning commute here could be annoying and jam packed with jerkwads, but today was special.

Let’s preface that I had to wait for eleven subway trains this morning and then was forced to basically dry hump the four people who were definitely invading my personal space in the sardine style packed subway to only find out there was no trains to get me to my job and then about 25 blocks. And I had one of the easiest commutes in my office. It’s mornings like these that make me rethink living in this death trap. Don’t get me wrong – I heart this city and am truly a NYer to the bone, but after watching the LA based reality shows last night and the hectic morning – bumper to bumper traffic on a 405 doesn’t sound too bad to me.

But enough with my kvetching, let’s get to the headlines…

  • Murder victim’s boyfriend confesses after attempting suicide Boitumelo McCallum’s decomposing body was found in her parent’s apartment in a NYU owned complex in Greenwich Village this past Sunday. Police had been looking for her boyfriend, Michael Cordero, in connection to the crime since Sunday. Cordero slit his wrists yesterday on the rooftop of a housing project and eventually found himself in police custody by last night. I hate to say it, but this an episode of Law & Order waiting to happen.
  • Barry Bonds breaks Hank Aaron's home run record And everyone is still wondering if it was him or the drugs…
  • Wynonna Judd discusses her husband's arrest The singer discussed her husband’s addictions and his arrest for aggravated sexual assault on minors to “Ladies Home Journal” for their cover story. From the looks of it, this lady doesn’t seem to interested in dumping this perv.
  • Brian Grazer signs deal for FBI based drama on FXUber producer brings his strengths to FX, which in recent years has been producing some strong and edgy programming for a network cable station.

  • Kate Hudson and Dax Shepard caught making out If I hadn’t seen Idiocracy, I would be a bit more weirded out by this relationship. The two were found being all cute while vacationing with Hudson’s family in Canada.
  • All I have to say is Yuck!!!!!
  • Geez these two love getting press.. Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards head back to court for a new custody battle. And now these two idiots keep talking shit about each other to the gossip rags. Apparently Richards wanted Sheen’s semen for another spawn and instead of hitting up the hooker population of Hollywood for a used condom, she asked her ex-husband. Somehow I am not buying this story. I know she’s a nut, but she ain’t that crazy.
  • Unlike most men in Hollywood, Brett Ratner admits to receiving a blow job from a transvestite. I mean come on, who hasn’t?
  • Veronica Mars might show up on LOST TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello is reporting that Ms. Kristen Bell could be joining the LOST cast this upcoming February as a spunky, academic 20 something. So we can pretty much guarantee some more flash forwards in this upcoming season.