Friday, August 24, 2007

Daily Rounds....

Blah's the news:

Courtesy of Daily Mail

  • Amy Winehouse gets physical. The addicted chanteuse had got into a knockdown fight with her husband, Blake Fielder-Civl, which obviously involved a lot of cutting and then decided to walk around London. This chick obviously needs help.

  • Nicole Richie in and out of jail faster then it took me to get home yesterday.

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  • MySpace and MTV team up with presidential candidates for the 2008 election. The conversations will be town hall style, not debates, and will occur on college campuses around the US. Both MTV and MySpace will be able to air the programs. This is the first time both media outlets have joined together for a program.
  • Kirsten Dunst is robbed in NYC.
  • Apparently the NBC management is really loving the heroes shtick they got going and are bringing back American Gladiators to the air. The show will have a mid season premiere and the network would not confirm how many shows would be in the run, nor if Malibu will return.

  • Hollywood don't like old people. CAA drops major actors such as Robert DeNiro and Sally Field so they can dedicate more time on Micha Barton. Well that makes sense, doesn’t it? Who needs Oscar winners when you have the chick who sells Keds?
  • Brad and Angelina shop for art supplies. And New Yorkers clapped for them...jeez these two are hot and all, but don't you think their egos are big enough?

  • Jerry Lewis doesn't like people who suffer through cancer. Thank gosh he didn't decide to throw them a telethon.