Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Daily Rounds...


Let’s get to the news folks….

  • Why did it take three months for the Senator Craig story to come out?– The Republican Senator from Idaho apparently tried to get frisky with a police office while waiting to board a plane in a Minnesota airport earlier this summer. Craig pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor offense, for the incident. Since the newspaper picked it up, Craig has been declaring is innocence and the fact that he is totally not gay. Just another hypocrite to add to the pile in D.C.
  • Coffee table book celebrates FugaziThe new release from photographer Glen E. Friedman, Keep Your Eyes Open, is a photography retrospective of the one of the original DIY bands and their 20 years of remaining true to the scene and themselves. The photos span small shows from the early 80’s, tour diaries and an up close look at a band from truly a “fan’s eye”. If anyone was wondering what to get me for my birthday, this is it.

  • "Dancing with the Stars" lets us know who will be making fools of themselves this fall. Hopefully, Mel “Scary Spice” Brown won’t get pregnant with Mark Cuban’s baby during the filming.
  • Maybe he will shut up now... Lindsay is now allowing her papa Lohan to visit her at rehab in Utah. Word is there are some seeded issues between the two (no you don’t say!!!) and the feel that the meeting will allow for some closure and growth. Hopefully he won’t hold a press conference after meeting up with her. Apparently not....Here is his exclusive interview with Perez Hilton

  • Chrissie Hynde ain't no fan of leather. And any moron could have told you that. The PETA and animal rights supporter is pissed off over the usage of her name for a pony skin bag from Hogan’s newest collection, which is honoring rock stars.
  • RIPHilly Kristal, founder of CBGB's, passed away. The man who helped the punk and subculture movement grow in New York died yesterday from his long battle with lung cancer. This could explain why he quit fighting with NYC over keeping CBGBs on the Bowery last year.
  • Britney still doesn't know how to dress...or wear pants or realize she is no longer a size 2. Ugggh...if it wasn't so bad I would be so over it.
  • Venice Film Festival turns 75 years old. The eleven day festival opened up today with "Atonement," the screen adaptation of Ian McEwan's best-selling novel starring Kiera Knightley and James McAvoy.

  • Angelina Jolie visits with refugees in Iraq and Syria. The UN Ambassador has been planning the mission with the agency for six months now. I have to say even though I can’t stand to see another pic of her, Brad Pitt and the family, this woman really does what she wants to do in support for her causes.
  • Speaking of pretty ladies in war torn countries, CBS sends Katie Couric to Iraq. The move is expected to increase Couric’s visibility as a journalist and give her credit. Or its just an attempt at getting her out of the CBS contract a “different way”.
  • In the network’s continued efforts to show every aspect of teenage life, MTV will produce "The Paper". The reality show will focus on a high school newspaper staff from Florida and show everything. Get ready for some cafeteria exposes and drama over who will editor-in-chief.