Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Daily Rounds....

"The Bourne Ultimatum" had the best August opening on record this past weekend The third installment in the”Bourne” series has fared well with critics and viewers. Universal is quite excited about their “by accident” franchise and I am sure Matt Damon isn’t upset either. Damon believes that his role in the first installment re-energized his career and got him back on the top lists.

Here’s the rest of the box office toppers from this weekend:

And now on to the days news:

Let's get political..political...

  • Even Giuliani’s daughter doesn’t support him this time around. …And don’t you just love that the minute the press start sniffing around, she declares she signed up for the Obama group “out of curiosity”. Right, the curiosity to find a better candidate then your dad….it’s okay this is America, we have freedom of speech and not every candidate’s kid has to give up what they truly believe in .
  • Great..another thing I don’t need to know about my neighbors. With this tracking device, you can basically find out who donated to what political party, the amount and when. Although, I couldn’t find my ass anywhere on the site and I have donated in 2004 and this year already.
  • Keith Olbermann will be hosting an upcoming Presidential candidate debate. Wonder if he will bring up the Iraq war???? I actually really enjoy his commentary and hopefully he will be able to hold the candidates feet to the fire.
  • Six coal miners are trapped in the Crandall Canyon in Utah. What is insane is that this mine was still up and running with the 325 citations against the mine since January 2004. The citations are given out after testing and inspections by the Mine Safety and Health Administration. Our deepest regrets go out to the miners and their families at this time. Hopefully there can be some good outcome from this.

    Kick the beat....

  • And in lame hip hop news... 50 Cent and Kanye West to debate each other on BET. How I wish Biggie and TuPac could rise from the grave and rip these two douches to shreds! I mean how narcissistic can two humans be that they believe their intelligible conversational skills can work in a debate forum. Ugggh…the “lamization” of hip hop is at the crux.
  • Coverage of this weekend's Pool Party. I would have been able to show you pictures or give my own review of the show if the line to get in wasn’t 8 miles long. Word to the wise, get to these things early from now on. Each week seems to have a longer and longer line to get in. You can RSVP ahead of time at Going.com
  • It's official - MTV is late to the party! I mean the new artist line up for the VMA's reads as a who's who of 7 months ago. When MTV realizes their validity with anyone actually interested in music and over the age of 16 is non-existent, it will be great.
  • What’s good for the Police is good for the Halen! Van Halen will announce a new tour with one time lead man David Lee Roth next week. Michael Anthony, the previous bassist for the group, return and will be replaced by Eddie Van Halen’s son Wolfgang.
  • SPIN’s review of the new 1990's release. This is a band you will need to know, believe me.
    And that being said, this Saturday Spielster will be bringing you the next ten bands you should already be listening to….Get ready…!

    And in my own personal “Danzition”, here is some fun information……

  • Harold Perrineau dishes on his return to “LOST”. Entertainment Weekly speaks with the actor on his time away from the ABC drama and what he is looking forward to with the upcoming season.
  • Well if I’m gonna get cancer from the printer at work, I might as well get back to that pack a day habit …..
  • New York Magazine dishes on Bravo "reality" And proves what we all knew, TV executives lie! The story goes in depth on some of the winners and finalists for BRAVO’s shows Project Runway & Top Chef and if they really hit the success after the show. It seems that Top Chef contestants fare better then other shows.