Thursday, August 9, 2007

Daily Rounds....

Well all in all, NY is back to normal after the storms yesterday. So let’s recap some of yesterday’s events and then get onto the entertainment news.

  • Would you like a tornado with the torrential downpour New York?? Why are weather services so afraid to jump to conclusions about tornadoes? It has since been confirmed that Brooklyn was hit with a tornado yesterday morning, making it the first one to touch down in the borough in 118 years. Don’t ya just love the effect of global warming y’all?
  • And let’s discuss the mess that was the subway system yesterday….
  • Police make arrest in Newark killings Four young adults were shot execution style this past weekend in a schoolyard in Newark, NJ. Officers had been on the search for suspects and clues all week. Cops have arrested a 15 year old involved and are still looking for a 31 year old man believed to be linked to the shooting. Officials are also saying there could be others involved in this brutal attack.

    And for those of you who do not reside in the Tri-State area, I have some news for you as well. Here we go……

  • Breaking News - Lindsay Lohan has bad parents. I love how we needed this confirmed by an ex bodyguard of the starlet. I was telling the same stories awhile ago and I just grew up in the same town as this chick. (More on the Lohan debacle tomorrow)

  • Common hit’s number one on the Billboard charts with "Finding Forever". This is the hip hop artist’s first time at the number one slot. Korn, somehow, received the number two spot with their “Untitled” album.
  • Dreamworks this close to hitting $1 Billion in box office sales The studio run by Steven Spielberg, David Katzenberg & David Geffen is leading in market share and has been responsible for some of this year’s biggest box office draws, such as "Norbit,", "Blades of Glory," "Disturbia", "Transformers” & Shrek the Third
  • KFed files for sole custody of the tater tots. Apparently, even K Fed knows Britney Spears is being a bad mommy. Federline is using her recent nightly club outings and other irrational behavior as ammo in his custody case. I never thought I would say this, but these kids would be much better off with this numbskull.
  • Scary Spice wastes no time Melanie Brown was married apparently to one of the Belafontes in June of this year. The news became public the same day Brown was expected to sit with Larry King Live and discuss her child with Eddie Murphy. Dang, Murphy is is marrying a gold digger and Brown is already married. I really believe what those two had was super special.

  • Mr. Big is back Chris Noth has signed on for the feature length “Sex and the City film. Geez when this movie is actually made these chicks will really by Golden Girls.
  • This woman really wanted to hear "good job dawg!"
  • Entertainment Weekly discusses 20 top endings of our favorite movies. Do you agree???

    Later today, Spielster will present its reality recap and with that be discussing the vile new season of The Real World:Sidney. To give you a prime example of the douchebagery to be discussed, check out the trailer: