Friday, August 10, 2007

Little Girl Lost

There are a million ways to look at the Lindsay Lohan story. Here are a few:

  • 1, She is young and stupid and will clean up her act.
  • 2, She is a narcissistic brat who is wasting the good fortune she was given.
  • 3, She has terrible parents who lack the common decency to put aside petty crap for
    their ailing daughter.
  • 4, She is a product of the Hollywood - who loves success and train wrecks equally.
  • 5, She is a target, who when not messing up, is caught behind the lens of the every
    watching media's camera.
  • 6, She is a whiny little jerk who is too lucky for her own good.

    Lohan is barely 21 years old and has two rehab stays under her belt, two DUI charges and a host of other issues that seem to plague her at every turn. There is outcry of "Lock her up!" and "Help this poor girl!" at the same time. She is obviously, young, misled and not protected. Her dearest friends sell pictures of her for money, they tell stories of her escapades and let her continue on the downward spiral. She has an absent criminal father, who believes that discussing private matters with the media will bring her back to him. And lets not forget her manager mom who seems to not care that her daughter is a train wreck begging to hit rock bottom. Add on top of that eating disorders, drug addiction, self esteem issues and no work ethic and you have quite a nice package - for a psychiatrist.

    We all wonder why she is cracking at the seems. I mean she got a rave review for her acting skills from Meryl Streep, the goddess of the acting world. She is attractive, wealthy and seems to get whatever she wants, so most of us on the other side don't get the problem. I have heard so many times "If I was her, I would never mess this up." But that's because you are looking at it from the outside, not inside her own shoes. Not to sound corny, but I feel bad for her. Every idiotic move she makes is gone over with a fine tooth comb by 9AM the next morning so it can be dissected and mocked on the blogs, in the papers, and on the covers of the glossies. She is doing a lot of the same things that many celebs and hell even chicks in small town are doing, it's just what she does gets coverage. Now in no way to I condone drinking and driving, but I also we all have our moments when we think we know what we are doing and that it is right. I think this poor girl needs to learn she lost control of the wheel a long time ago and is obviously having no help getting it back.

    She is steps away from the down fall. And she better watch
    The Two Coreys, because if she isn't careful she can end up losing a valuable career with simple mistakes. But more importantly, she could lose her life with any of her heavy addictions. Hopefully, someone will give this girl a reason for her to live, because at this point it doesn't look like she cares either way.