Wednesday, August 29, 2007

And the saga continues...

While the Santa Monica police log "confirmed " Wilson “illness” was an attempted suicide this weekend, most insiders have been wondering what all of this will do to his big ass career. His past few movies have done poorly at the box office and at making me laugh (If you are having issues sleeping, put on You, Me and Dupree), but with five projects on the burner, the actor had a lot to lose with some bad publicity. And apparently in Hollywood, it’s harder to be an insured actor if you have a drug problem, then if you have a mental problem. Hopefully, Wilson will be able to work out his personal situation and get healthy.

But in the meantime, he has dropped out of his latest movie role. The actor has decided to leave the cast of Tropic Thunder, a comedy directed by longtime friend Ben Stiller and written by Justin Theroux. “Thunder”is a comedy that throws actors filming a war epic into a “real war situation”. No word on recasting the part or if this will delay the Dreamworks production. Meanwhile,Courtney Love is blaming Steve Coogan, a close friend of Wilson and notorious partier, for Wilson’s downfall into drugs and attempted suicide. And ELLE magazine pulled their Q & A with the actor set for the December publication. They believed after this weekend’s incident it would be best not to include the article.

While the actor has requested privacy, the media and fans have been fascinated with the story. How does a successful, good looking guy who seems to be insanely happy and "have everything" go down so far? Its for those of us who think we know celebrities because we watch them on screen realize these are real people too. And I think this article by Tony Hicks for the San Jose Mecury discusses the situation the best. Depression and addiction aren't normally worn on someone's sleeve, like Lohan's fall from grace. Most of the time its a sad battle someone goes through alone. I just wish the best for Owen and hope he can get into a positive place.