Thursday, August 16, 2007

Daily Rounds

It's muggy and gross here in NY and I am ready for my long weekend in Vermont. And I am predicting now that Superbad will be number one in the box office this weekend. Its the end of summer so college and high school are having their last bit of fun together and this weekend seems pretty timid with the new releases. It really is turning into the summer of Seth.

And now lets get to the morning news:

  • Earthquake in Peru kills 337 people. Almost 900 people have reported injuries from the 7.9 magnitude quake that hit right outside of Lima yesterday. The Red Cross expects the numbers on both sides to increase within the next few days.
  • Phil Rizzuto, beloved Yankee, passed away. The legendary player and announcer died on Monday at age 89. The one time Yankee who played with the record breaking team that won seven World Series in the 40s & 50s was probably more famous for his love of the game then his prowess on the field. Rizzuto will be greatly missed and the world of baseball has lost one of its greatest supporters!
  • Maybe she thought he "could work some magic" on her career? Britney, on the heels of a huge custody battle, decided to not stay home with the kids, but go and hang out with “
    Mindfreak” Criss Angel until 4am last night in Beverly Hills.

    Image courtesy of INF Daily

  • NY Film Festival announces full lineup. Wes Anderson's long awaited latest "The Darjeeling Limited," opens the festival on September 28. Other directors whose films are in the 17 day festival are Brian DePalma, Julian Schnabel and Todd Haynes. Here is the trailer for Anderson's film, featuring Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody and Jason Schwartzman as American brothers who go to India to "find themselves".

  • Amy Winehouse leaves rehab. She was just having fun on that 3 day bender – she does not have a problem.
  • Cheating Husband sues 1-800 Flowers for sending the flowers meant for his mistress to his wife. The man, whose lawsuit against the florist is in the millions of dollars, went on the TODAY show to discuss his situation and Meredith Viera told him over and over again he got what he deserved and had no right to sue. I totally agree – How scummy can you be dude? You are the moron who cheated on his wife and got caught red handed - live with the consequences.

  • "Weeds" makes it best debut yet. Showtime saw almost one million viewers tune into the 3rd season premiere of Weeds. I am so glad Mary Louise Parker is finally getting the credit she so deserves. The compelling and scene stealing natural has been a favorite of mine for years, since I saw her in Fried Green Tomatoes. There is also a great profile on the actress in New York magazine this week. I can not wait to see where this season goes!!!!!!
  • VH1 heads further into celeb/pop culture hell. "Star Stories.", a new version of the British celeb spoof television program is in the beginning stages at Vh1. What sounds like an “adult” version of “Punk’d”, Vh1 is looking to get closer and closer to E!’s programming and celeb obsessed culture.
  • Top Chef's get a chance to recover. In the “Restaurant Wars” episode last night, the judging panel, which Daniel Boulud, allowed the chefs to come back the next day to run their restaurants another night because of the paltry service both gave their diners. Madonna\'s brother makes his opinions known as a patron of "The Garage", where the smell of scented candles (yep you read that right!) ruined any chance of enjoying the half assed menu. I am excited the chefs get another chance since the major issues last night were service and d├ęcor – not exactly reasons to send a chef home. Madonna\'s brother makes his opinions known as a patron of one of the two chefs. Also, the judges will be making sure that at the next panel the chefs had listened to their critiques and made the necessary corrections.
  • Kathie Lee returns to Regis. The ex-costar of Live with Regis and Kathie Lee Kelly, will return to the program for the first time since she left seven years ago. The visit will mark the program’s 20th Anniversary on September 14th.
  • Surprise - Heidi Montag's new album stinks! The bitch from The Hills is about to put an album out on David Foster's record label. This guy just happens to be the stepdad to Brody Jenner, Montag's "fiancee" Spencer Pratt's best friend.
  • Chinese couple are fighting to name their child @. Man I hate humans!

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