Monday, August 27, 2007

Scary News....

Owen Wilson allegedly attempts suicide. This is some crazy story. Apparently, the actor was rushed to the hospital noon on Sunday after being discovered unconscious by a family member. According to reports, Wilson was on a large amount of undefined pills and he had slit his wrists. He was admitted to a local Los Angeles hospital, the location has yet to be confirmed by his rep nor a police officer.

With a few recent blind items pointing fingers at an actor, which could fit the description of Wilson to a T, who has a very huge heroin addiction, could this have been the reason behind the attempt? We hope that Wilson will recover and heal from this incident.

In other tragic news, Nick Bollea, son of Hulk Hogan, was involved in a terrible car accident Sunday night in Clearwater and was helicoptered to a Bayfront Medical Center in St. Petersburg, FL. Bollea was traveling with an unidentified passenger and while driving at a high speed, he hit a median and flipped his car into a palm tree.

According to reports, Bollea is in serious condition and his passenger is in critical condition. Our best wishes are with them and the Hogan family.

In hopefully funny news, I have a source that was on hand yesterday at Paris Hilton's party. Now all the paparazzi caught her chilling with Kid Rock at the LG House even though a BBQ was going on in Paris' place seemed to bore this starlet. The celebrity had Rumor Willis, Taryn Manning and Efren Ramirez, Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite, hanging around doing a whole bunch of nothing, along with the "camp counselors" from the finale season of The Simple Life. We hear Willis chain smoked cigs with a crew of girls in the corner and Ramirez danced up a storm with his twin brother. Hilton herself was so bored at the party she locked herself in her bedroom many times and came out "all jittery and coked up". Also, Hilton surely admires her own reflection enough to decorate her home with pictures of herself commissioned by David LaChapelle.