Thursday, August 9, 2007

Aftertnoon Snack

  • Rolling Stone's latest cover ruffles feathers

  • Speaking of a cast member from Hairspray, Democrats have the first gay issue centered debate tonight
  • Chocolate Rain hits TV
  • CMJ announces their 2007 lineup I have to say other then a few bands, this lineup blows. CMJ has gotten progressively worse the past few years and this basically stinks. But don't fret NYers there are good shows coming up this fall.

  • SHOCKER: Michael Lohan speaks out Doesn't anyone have a muzzle? Lohan is speaking out against the tell all Lindsay's ex body guard gave to IN TOUCH magazine. (More on Lohan this Saturday on Spielster
  • Real World returns to LA for its 20th season Oh man...they should just stick Beth in the cast just for shits and giggles. And maybe Jon so he can finally get laid. I mean all these losers are gonna end up here anyway searching for "success" in entertainment (i.e. waiting to go into porn)

    And speaking of reality, here is the weekly recap in all reality happenings:
  • Bret kicks out Rodeo and Brandi C from the Rock of Love house

  • "Hells Kitchen" jerks off for an entire episode. We are stuck waiting another week to see which mediocre chef will win the competition
  • Sara N. packs her knives on Top Chef!
  • Scott Baio is still a jerk
  • BRAVO makes me fall in love with another narcissistic asshole from LA
    And finally, MTV stoops to its lowest common denominator and puts together the single worst cast of Real World possible. Syndey doesn't deserve this I can already see where this shit is going and I am not a fan...And these bastards get to kick it up in Australia for 4 months. The best part of the first episode was when Parisa didn't want to party anymore, Kelly Anne, sick body from Texas, goes " Then what is she doing on this show? Let's make her cry and send her home." This ain't Big Brother dummy! The (one time) basis of the show was to learn from different people and open your eyes. Not to have threesomes in the jacuzzi with your roommates.