Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Daily Rounds...

Let's start off by saying "Flipping Out" on Bravo is amazing!!!! The crazies definitely find their place in LA and I'm all for it. If you have not checked out this "flipper's" show and his staff of out of work need to. It's on Bravo at 10pm on Tuesdays and then reruned to death....

And now the news:

  • John Mayer and Mandy Moore spotted together out and about in SOHO yesterday. Now this couple makes sense to me, if its true. I just hope they don’t start writing songs together…yecch! I believe they share producers though and since that coupling showed as much emotion as me hanging with my grandma..I’m thinking they are just friends.

    Image courtesy of INF Daily

  • Denise Brown boycotts the publishing of "If I did it", The O.J. Simpson confession novel about the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. Why won’t this man disappear already?
  • Portia De Rossi joins heads to Nip/Tuck this fall and gets “close” to Joely Richardson (Julia). God I love this show and the fact that each season it seems the characters have had a lobotomy from their former selves. I heart FX dramas.
  • Myspace and XM team up to find the next big hip hop act.

    Image courtesy of STAR magazine

  • Mommie Dearest Britney What will the weekly gossip rags do once this chick gets her life in check? Oh wait…I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Seriously, she needs new friends just as much as Lohan does. Has she ever heard of confidentiality agreements?
  • Celebrities have fun with airbrushing.
  • Paris Hilton lost her puppy and from the description on the poster I think she has been found.
  • Not only is Michael Vick mean to doggies he might just be a terrorist too?
  • I am beginning to think Mr. Federline is much smarter then we all thought. I give two years until him and Shar Jackson are back together.
  • HBO does not pick up “John from Cincinnati” for a second season. Did it matter since we would all just be as confused the second time around?
  • Evan Rachel Wood dishes with GQ about her career, relationship with Marilyn Manson and what the future holds for this actress. This chick, while young, is ready to be the next big thing. She has the chops and she is amazing to watch on screen. I’m just not sure how you go from Ed Norton to Manson, but that’s not my concern.

    Image courtesy of GQ

    So the question of the week is, what reality show is your (my readers) guilty pleasure????

    ENJOY the Spielster and don’t forget to watch Top Chef tonight on Bravo to see who packs up their knives tonight!!!!