Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday

If you are in one of the 20 some odd states that are hosting the primaries today, please do me a favor and get out there and vote. Many states, like my New York, will only allow you to vote if you are registered within a party, i.e. if you are registered Democrat or Republican. It's incredibly important though that 2008 is not anything like elections in the past and that American citizens get out there and make their voices heard. And pretty much after the delegates are given out by the end of today's vote, we can figure out who will be running against who in November.

I will say that since 2000 our administration and government has been on a clear path to dangerous territory and the people are not being properly represented. And while I hope that my readers are looking for a change, like myself, I will not make you listen to the reasons I am voting with Democratic party, but I think you can figure from my tone and personality why. Whatever your views are, this is a monumental election year for America. We have a Mormon, a Woman, an African-American and a Veteran candidate for us to chose from. What you do when you enter that booth is up to you, but I do hope that you vote with your health, the earth's health, US' safety and the economic woes on your mind.

Here is a snippet of Senator Clinton on David Letterman last night being funny. I wish she could dress just a bit hipper, but I know thats the problem with politcal ladies.

For up to the minute coverage, please check out these following news organizations:

  • + CNN
  • + MSNBC
  • + FoxNews
  • + CBS News

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