Friday, February 22, 2008


It's snowing here in NYC and I am stuck inside a big old building and having no fun. I would like to keep this short and simple, since I should get some work done before I leave for the weekend. As an update, the conclusion of the CSI and Wrath of Cruise will be posted next week, as well as our Oscar round up. I am very much excited for the Oscars and Spirit Awards this weekend and hope No Country kicks Juno's ass!

So let's get to some business:

  • +Jennifer Lopez finally popped! Lopez and Marc Anthony welcomed their boy and girl twins at North Shore on Long Island, early this morning. Congrats!

  • + Tori Spelling has a biography coming out. Luke Perry called her a pet names, like camel, Shannen Doherty was the original Lohan and Jennie Garth was a bitch, sometimes. Things I all knew before the book. I will still read it though.

  • + American Idol saw it's first losers last night. Out of the girls, Amy and Joanne, who were both forgettable on Wednesday were sent home. I could care less about the guys because I am pretty sure its a ladies year this go around.

  • + William Bratton, an chief of police in the LAPD has stopped a "Britney" bill from going forward with more stringent barriers on paparazzi. He recommended people like Britney stay home if they don't want to be bombarded by paps. While I agree with and his very succinct assessment, check the link above, the paps still go way too far sometimes.

  • + When it rains, it pours. Another thing I am excited about this weekend is Tina Fey hosting Saturday Night Live. I love her and I can't wait to see what they do about "Weekend Update".

  • + Fun little games/cures for boredom:Choose your favorite Saturday Night Live performer and then Guess the Best Picture winners of past and then spend some timevoting on your favorite cast members of the "Real World" for the upcoming awards show.

  • +They are making Monopoly into a movie? And remaking Clue? Uhhh..WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • +
    The Liberty State Festival lineup was announced and other than Radiohead and Animal Collective - YAWN. Can someone tell me what the hell is going on with this Jack Johnson nonsense?

  • + And finally an extended trailer of the "Sex and the City" movie is out there for all of us fans. Big might leave Carrie, Charlotte will be pregnant and Steve might have cheated on Miranda. I hate when trailers show everything.

    What do all of you SATC fans think???