Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Dang its a slow day in the pop culture news. You can see that from the amount of posts on Susan Lucci today. Anyways, I did not get a chance to watch the Bad Girls Club, Nip/Tuck or Millionaire Matchmaker last night, which makes me mad. Bad DVR!!!! Starting Monday, we will be doing a little daily feature on the goods to watch on TV. If you are a fan of something, please let me know!!!!!
Anywhos..Let's get to it....

  • + A beagle wins for the first time ever at The Westminster Kennel Club dog show in New York yesterday. The 3 year old Uno was barking up a storm, but that didn't stop the judges from deeming him the Best in Show, a first time for the Beagle breed.

  • + Dita Von Teese caught canoodling with A.J. McClean. Man this bitch has weird taste. I can't believe she hasn't had her way with Dave Navarro yet.

  • + Gary Coleman was secretly wed in August of last year. And apparently he is already being abusive to his giant wife.

  • + Mark Ronson is now an American citizen. He said his need to vote in the Presidential election made him do it.

  • + Susan Lucci finally figures a way to come back from the dead on "All My Children". No actually, they debuted a wax figure of the non aging soap star at the Madam Tusaud's in NYC yesterday. Erica Kane will forever remain the daytime queen.

  • + Amy Winehouse cleans up and finds herself a new Blake. The singer has been seen all over London with Blake Wood, a photographer and Osbourne family friend. He is supposedly a positive influence on Winehouse, since Wood is a vegan, who does not partake in drinking or drugs. Hopefully, she can get herself clean enough to continue to make beautiful music.

  • + And finally, Will Farrell knows how to promote a movie. The comedian joined Heidi Klum in a photo shoot for the Sports Illustrated 2008 Swimsuit edition to promote his upcoming basketball satire,Semi-Pro. I love Farrell and will be seeing this movie as soon as it comes out. And seriously, can Heidi Klum get any prettier????
    Speaking of Heidi, we will be dishing after tonight's episode on the final contestants on Project Runway, even though all of their fashions are all over the internet since their Bryant Park Runway show last week. I am a stickler about spoilers, so I will not put up any here, but I can't wait to see who gets in!!!!!!