Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Oscars Nominee Luncheon

The annual Oscar Nominees Luncheon took place at the Beverly Hills Hilton yesterday afternoon. In attendance were nominees George Clooney, Ellen Page, Javier Bardem,
Julie Christie, Laura Linney, and the Coen Brothers, to name a few. The celebration is to be the calm before the storm for the nominees and celebrate them with their fellow players. The mood was upbeat and almost everyone was looked forward to a positive end to the WGA Strike. Page was hounded by questions about what its like to receive this kind of fame so soon and she was gracious enough to give this response.

"It doesn't always feel right when you're being associated with four women and just a group of people who I have so much respect for and so much admiration for," Page said. "It feels like, are you sure? Do you want to double-check that?"

Clooney also received praise from “Micheal Clayton” writer-director tony Gilroy as being the “Micheal Jordan of Hollywood” and the perfect “movie star” and newcomer Page seemed as calm as possible when chatting it up with Bardem. As we speak, the WGA are in talks to end the strike as early as this week, which would allow the Oscars to go off without a hitch on February 24th. Hopefully, Hollywood will be able to celebrate the best of film in 2007 later this month.

Images courtesy of WIREIMAGE/ LA Times/ REUTERS