Monday, February 18, 2008

Lohan "does" Monroe in New York Magazine

Odds are by now that you have seen photos from the spread Lindsay Lohan did for this week's issue of New York Magazine. The starlet was given the opportunity to shoot with Bert Stern, whom took the original shoot with Marilyn Monroe, which turned out to be her last before her untimely death. Lohan was also interviewed for the shoot and discussed everything from her own struggle with drugs and alcohol, and the recent untimely death of actor Heath Ledger. while Lindsay remained certain that she would be come out victorious in the battle of her addictions, she was cautious not to sound to certain in the article.

While Lindsay has nothing in the near future to promote with the shoot, she did say that being asked to recreate these pictures was a once in a lifetime opportunity too good to pass up. Obviously, from the picture, Ms. Lohan is attempting to remove herself from anything Disney or cookie cutter, as well as remain intriguing gossip fodder. And since the photo shoot was basically a nude Lindsay and some sheer fabric, it was an interesting choice to bring along her fourteen year old sister, Alli as her companion. I do hope that Lohan begins to move in the direction she needs to to have a successful career within Hollywood, but it does seem that her main objective right now is to stay in the public eye, as opposed to picking good projects. And for a girl who has battled addiction so obviously this year, it is an interesting turn of events to "embody" the original gossip star, whose long battle with sadness, unfulfilled love and addictions led to her ultimate demise. Whatever comes her way, these pictures are beautiful and I hope that her "love" for Marilyn remains just an aesthetic.