Thursday, February 14, 2008

Good Morning from Jane Fonda

First, I want to say I love Jane Fonda. I think she is a strong woman, much stronger then she was during the Vietnam era and is true example of how feminism should be. And let's face it this bitch is pushing 70 and she is still slamming. This morning, she stopped by the "Today" Show, with Vagina Monologues creator Eve Ensler to discuss the tenth anniversary of V-Day and she managed to say the word "cunt". Not in a "FUCK you Meredith Viera, you damn cunt!" way, but she did say it. I might have preferred the mean reference, but here it is in all its glory.

Watch it here:

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zeppo said...

This has nothing to do with feminism and everything to do with marketing. She said this to drum up publicity for the tired play, not to advance women's rights or other feminist ideals. This is about commerce, nothing else.