Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Daily Rounds...

It was nice to have off yesterday so I could catch up on my judge shows and increase my resentment towards Dr. Phil for being rich. NYC temperatures have been moving from 60 degrees to 30 degrees in a matter of hours and I am sick as shit of winter already. Homes, give me some spring or at least the Daily Rounds...

  • + Johnny Knoxville almost lost his balls while performing a stunt on an upcoming Evil Knievel tribute. Here are the bloody pants as proof to accident that lead the actor to a ripped urethra. The show airs on MTV this Saturday. Is it sad that I still find him sexy, even with a ripped open urethra?

  • + They have announced the next cast for "Dancing with the Stars". Steve Guttenberg, Priscilla Presley, Adam Carolla and Shannon Elizabeth head up the D-List group. Can you call someone a star when they are in the the 80th cast of D-List reality program?

  • + Terry Gilliam will not stop work on "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus". Production on the film was stopped after the accidental death of its star, Heath Ledger. According to reps fro Jude Law, Law, Johnny Depp and Colin Farrell will all step into Ledger's role to complete the film. No word on how the script will be rewritten to discuss the change.

  • + Pink and Carey Hart are divorcing.

  • + Seriously this girl needs to get her ass off TV and back into school. I'm thinking Mrs. Irwin would have a friend in Dina Lohan the way she is pimping out her kid.

  • + Martha Stewart now owns Emeril's ass. The home goods maven just bought out Emeril's product franchise.