Sunday, February 24, 2008

Film Indepedent Spirit Awards

As always, the Spirit Awards was a light hearted affair, with a similar dinner/drink set up the Golden Globes has. The awards show is usually in a tent on the lovely Santa Monica beach and this year the production went all green. The usual indie mainstays were there an winning awards, like Philip Seymour Hoffman, Cate Blanchett and new darling Ellen Page won for best Female lead. Here is the full list of theSpirit Awards 2008 winners.

This year had the same song medleys performed by randoms and a lot of movies that I will now run to see. It also set the stage for the "confirmation" of Angelina Jolie's pregnancy. The way to beautiful for words Jolie, who was nominated for her work in A Mighty Heart, came with her Robert Redford looking partner, Brad Pitt and her bun in the oven. Congrats to the couple.

Here are some more pics of the winners last night.