Monday, February 11, 2008

Daily Rounds...

This weekend I got to unwind, enjoy some brunch at Enid’s, get my shopping on and hang with some friends and puppies. I also checked out the Liars at Warsaw, which was amazing.

The lead singer Angus had messed up his back a bit before the tour started, so his 7 feet tall ass remained in a stool most of the time, but he did get up and rock out for a few songs. The Liars are a great band whose live shows are not to be missed. Injured and all, Angus and the crew brought the house down. No Ages opened and the jury is still out in my brain if I liked them or not. Their songs are a bit of a mish mash of electronic noise and Thermals style pop. For me, it was too much of a mish mash, especially since the songs seemed to all be two minutes long and the lyrics were really just a chorus, but most of the crowd really dug them. Anyways, let’s get to what happened over the weekend with the Daily Rounds….

  • + The WGA strike is over and writers will be returning to work this week. We know that the WGA has been discussing a deal over the weekend and taking a vote, but terms and agreements have not yet been discussed publicly. Not only is this nice for those out of work or deeply effected by the strike, but its nice for me too so I can finally watch a new episode of “The Office” again. This also means that the Oscars will be going off without a hitch, so I am assuming every designer is in a mad dash getting their shit ready. Hopefully, it was all worth it.

  • + The Grammys happened last night and here is the list of the winners. Ehh, I didn’t watch most of it because really I don’t care all that much. I LOVE music, but just not the Grammys. I did make a point to check out the Alicia Keys performance, since it was rumored Whitney Houston would be stopping by, but only John Mayer ended up coming out. Boo! Also, I watched Amy Winehouse’s performance and her acceptance speech for “Record of the Year”. Here is the performance….

    The singer looked frazzled and lost a bit during her intimate performance from a London club. She was forced to perform this way because the US would not grant her a visa in time. Winehouse looked in good spirits since she has just been in rehab for her addiction issues. It was a great moment watching her via satellite when she found out she won “Record of the Year”. Amy was too excited to talk right away and brought a family member to help her through her speech. Here is the moment…

    The show was just the beginning of the night and the AP did a roundup of the sights and soundsat the event and EW graded the performances.

  • + “JAWS” actor Roy Scheider died yesterday in Little Rock, AR. He was 75 years old. While the actor has been battling myeloma for the past few years, the cause of death was complications from a staph infection. Best known for his role in ”JAWS”, the movie that fast tracked his career and changed the model of the film industry all together, the actor became quite vocal of his opposition to the Iraq War in 2003 and has been working on increased spending on environmental causes. Our condolences go out to his friends and family.

  • + Amy Fisher is still one classy broad. Even after trying to kill a woman and stealing her husband and then sleeping with him like a billion years after the fact, Fisher still hates Mary Jo. I can’t say I blame her.

  • + Yikes! Elliot Mintz is a terrifying man!

  • + Speaking of foxy ladies from Merrick, Lindsay Lohan joins Annie Lennox for the Hear the World campaign. The group, along with Bryan Adams, Joss Stone and Harry Belafonte are trying to create awareness in the problem of hearing loss affecting the world. I guess this explains why Lohan was staying at Bryan Adams’ apartment a few years back, right?

  • + The The BAFTAs were handed out this weekend and the usual suspects were cleaning up. Can’t we concede to Daniel Day-Lewis already? I am glad that this season it does seem to have the quality outweighing the hip (i.e. “No Country” better beat “Juno” at the Oscars or else!) Here is the full list of the the winners of the British Academy Awards

  • + And finally, I have fallen in love with Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. The VH1 show follows celebrities such as Brigitte Nielsen, Chynna Doll and Shifty from “Crazytown” (I know these people are celebrities?) through the process of rehab. My personal favorite cast members are Jeff Conway and Shifrty. Here is a golden moment of Jeff’s. Please check out this show and understand the madness.