Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Oh where do I begin….With the WGA strike still not confirmed over, H’wood is a bit quiet and the blogs have resorted to posting Lohan shopping pictures. I heart Lohan, I really do, but girl, either get someone who can professionally apply the orange spray tan so it doesn’t look like you fell on your face playing softball or just go au natural.

Let’s get to it:

  • + W Magazine interviewed Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman about their personas, celebrity and their upcoming movie The Other Boleyn Girl. Natalie playes Anne Boleyn and Scarlett plays Mary, the two sister who fought for the heart of King Henry VIII, played by Eric Bana. Now if King Henry looked liked Bana then maybe I can begin to understand why woman didn’t mind having their heads chopped off over him. The movie looks like a snore fest and the article just reiterates what everything thinks – Johansson is a smug chick and Portman is intelligent and guarded. But Natalie sure looks pretty on that cover.

  • +People are going back to work, if they still have jobs.

  • + Nicolas Cage is suing Kathleen Turner for saying he stole a puppy and has fake chompers in her new biography. I love this Diva bitch and think Cage has always been a bit too big fro his britches, but I think we can all agree Nic that you got some fake teeth!

  • +Pop Candy discusses today’s DVD releases. Gone Baby Gone, the acclaimed directorial debut of Ben Affleck and the new Amy Heckerling movie, “I Could Never Be Your Woman”, are two that stand out from the rest of the list. “Woman”, starting Michelle Pfeiffer and Paul Rudd never hit movie screens and became a straight to DVD flick. Read more about the whole story and the production woes for the Heckerling flick at Entertainment Weekly.com.

  • + Baron Hilton, Paris’s little brother was popped for DUI this morning in Los Angeles. He is 18 and there were no drugs involved. He also ran over some gas attendant. Seriously, if I was a fucking trust fund baby or some heiress I would have people drive me everywhere. I would also probably have a drinking problem, but I would not have a drinking and driving problem.

  • + And finally some great news, Radiohead to release a "Greatest Hits" later this year in addition to their world tour. They will be hitting my town in the summer and here are some other places they are going to visit.. And rumor is the band will have one of my favorite bands, TV on the Radio, opening up for them on their east coast leg. Please let this be true!!!!!! The summer concert scene is already looking promising and its only February.

    Later today, The Spielster will be dishing on the new “Flavor of Love 3” season.