Thursday, February 14, 2008

Project Runway, The Road to the Final Three, Recap....

Last nights episode was quite good and really interesting. It was refreshing to see the designers actually have more then 8 hours to complete an entire look. The fact that the pieces had to be inspired by a classic piece of art was a wonderful twist too and I think pretty much all of the designers brought their A-game. Coming into the challenge, I was almost one hundred percent sure that Jillian and Christian were going to the Final three to show in Bryant Park, so the competition was really between Chris, Romi and Sweet P.

The challenge, to find inspiration in the MET and create a "look" based on that inspiration was great because it meant the designers really had a chance to go all out before the final three were picked. I liked everyone's inspiration, except for Romi's. I just thought it was very silly to pick something solely known for its draping when all season long Nina has been bitching at you about the draping. (SIDE BAR: Romi's draping is MUCH MORE interesting and at least leans towards different looks, as opposed to Uli's dress that she made 10 times in different colors, so I'm not sure why they keep bitching.) Christian picked this matador looking portrait from Spain in the 1800's, Chris picked a portrait of 18th century noble woman, Sweet P picked this great portrait of a peacock, Jillian picked this detailed Argonauts painting and Romi went with the Aphrodite statue. Right away, Christian brought it and surprisingly, so did Chris.

Romi did a beautiful Grecian inspired sleeveless tube dress, but again enough with the draping. Jillian put together this very rock 'n roll gold lame dress, with Greek/Roman feeling to it, with this adorable trimmed military inspired coat. That outfit would have easily been rocked by the likes Kirsten Dunst or Karen O. Sweet P. unfortunately used the color pallet of her peacock portrait, but did not bring the feel of a peacock to her dress and I was not a fan. In front of the panel, with guest judge Roberto Cavalli, it was decided Sweet P. was great at designing commercial day dresses, but she wasn't really ever able to go further than that. So she was Auf'd. Christian won, naturally, and Jillian came in a very close second. It was then between Romi and Chris, but because the judges couldn't decide and they wanted to make the finale a bit more exciting, they decided to switch things up a bit this year.

They have both Romi and Chris creating a collection, but technically only one of them will actually be able to show their stuff at Bryant Park. Actually, all five designers created a collection and showed in Byrant Park during last week's FASHION WEEK here in NYC, to not ruin the element of surprise on the show. I am pretty sure Romi will pull it out in the end (haha), but I am so excited how far Chris came after his HUGE comeback. Next week's episode is a reunion show, where everyone rags on everyone, which will probably all be about Ricky's crying and Victorya being a lame biotch. Oh and Kevin and Kit leaving way too early. I am super excited about the finale, with guest judge Victoria Beckham, but I will not even look at the pictures on the web and there are many.

If you want to check out all that is Project Runway or vote on who you think is going to win on March 5th, check out Blogging Project Runway.

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SourFace Victorya = Lame Biotch

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