Thursday, February 21, 2008


So I found myself watching American Idol last night, where the 12 female finalists competed to stay around to the 12 combined finalists. Surprisingly, I was actually impressed with the talent. While the song choices were poor and nerves(and dairy) were effected many of their voices, I think this is the first time in a while I see promise, commercial and talent wise, from the performers. We find out which ones, as well as what men, are getting kicked out tonight. Here is a great wrap up blog, Idol Chatter at USA Today, which provides quite a full dicsussion on each contestant and forums for fans.
And now lets get to the rest of today's news:

  • + John McCain is caught in a scandal. Well sort of...see apparently he was too friendly to a lobbyist during his original Presidential bid in 2000. And yes, his wife's hair is still pulled back to tightly.

  • +Apparently it's a girl for Minnie Driver. You might remember when I confirmed her pregnancy about two weeks ago.

  • + The BRIT awards happened last night... Mark Ronson played with a stilly messed up Amy Winehouse and other awards were given out.

  • + Nicole Kidman stops Botox for her unborn child... yet continues to inject her lips with shit. You are aging Nicole, this is what happens to humans - GET OVER IT!

  • +Edie Falco is coming to Showtime. She is set to play a nurse from NYC in an upcoming comedy for the network.

  • + Here is Johnny Knoxville injuring himself during the Evil Knievel tribute on MTV this weekend.

  • +And lastly, John Travolta and Zac Efron had a cyborg baby. No I am just joshing you, its really the computer morphing of the "perfect" man and woman. Star Magazine presented this morph of the most requested body parts in a survey put together by two Beverly Hills plastic surgeons. And apparently, people are still aware of John Stamos and want to have his hair.