Thursday, February 7, 2008

Larry David and Evan Rachel Wood to star in next Woody Allen pic.

If this day couldn't get any better, Larry David was cast in the next Woody Allen film. If Carl Reiner steps anywhere near this set, I might die. Allen is marking his return to New York with an upcoming film starring Larry David and Evan Rachel Wood. I am super excited about this because I love these two men immensely and Wood is freaking great (not to mention 8 times better of an actress than Scarlett Johansson). As you will remember, Wood was one of my first "Shining Star" picks when I started this lil ‘ol blog almost TWO years ago. It’s an amazing step in a young actress’ career to become an Allen muse. And this is awesome for David, since his neurotic tendencies can not be brought to life by anyone better(other than David himself) than Woody.

While most of the details of the movie are still being hammered out, we do know that Allen will be staging the movie in his home base. and David will be playing the main character. I will quit my job and live out of a car just to get a PA or walk on or extra role for this movie. As more details surface, the Spielster will be updating you.

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BeesKnees said...

Hopefully these two aren't playing love interests.
I am excited about the prospect of an old time Woody Allen flick.