Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Thanks a lot Seacrest!

Yikes! David Hasselhoff is getting another TV Show.

Thanks a lot Ryan Seacrest. It turns out that E! has given the go ahead and will have Seacrest produce "Tales From the Hoff,", obviously starring David Hasselhoff. The program, which will only indulge Hasselhoff’s belief that he has talent, will follow the “fictional” life of an “international icon” as he tries to revive his career and date in Hollywood after a long marriage and nasty divorce. Hasselhoff apparently approached Seacrest to produce the program after discussing with friends what a great TV show his life would make.

“Tales” is said to be similar to that of ”Curb Your Enthusiasm” in that reality will be blurred with the fictional character. What famous person would pretend to be friends with David Hasselhoff, I will never know, but I can guess their careers will be fledgling as well. Dan O’Keefe, from The Drew Carey Show, and Chuck Russell will write the pilot and direct, respectively as well as exexcutive produce with Seacrest. Ugghhh, I can’t believe this guy still gets work, let alone his own show, but we are talking about the E! channel , which attempts to make working at a tanning salon interesting.