Thursday, September 13, 2007


There ain't much happening in the world of entertainment this week so far. Not sure if it's they hysteria over Britney boiling over or the fact the Emmys are this weekend and people are all busy getting colonics and facials to look purrty. With the Fall season of TV starting next week, I am getting a bit more pumped for something to watch other then Top Chef and Flipping Out - especially after my boycott of MTV.

So let's get to the rounds:

  • It doesn’t get cuter then this...Abandoned monkey is healed by wings of love from a pigeon. How can you not love a monkey???? Source
  • Unbelievable! This Friday marks the 20th anniversary of entertaining housewives with Regis Philbin.
  • This is one fight I would tune into. Vegas promoters are trying to get Tommy Lee and Kid Rock to duke it out for real in a ring. Since neither of these fools have valid careers anymore, nor IQs above 90, I am excited that this could be a possibility. Even LL Cool J wants them to do and will front money for the event. Wait, what money LL?
  • Ramona Quimby will be hitting the big screens. And I am saying this now, no FANNINGS allowed.
  • Corey Haim appears drunk and incoherent. Also, his career apparently flat lined in 1991.
  • American Idol is hoping Britney will join them for next season.
    After years of Britney bashing, Simon Cowell is interested in bringing her on to work with contestants on next years program. What Britney will be able to teach these young things, I am not sure. This is a singing competition, which she can’t naturally do without the help of auto tuning and with Sunday’s VMA performance, she can’t dance anymore either. Cowell might be really smart and be using this as a “what not to do situation” for the young bucks. Who knows if this moron would even make a smart decision about her career nowadays??

  • Vincent Gallo - still a douchebag and possibly a presidential candidate for the race in 2008. It's not like the Republicans can do any better and with his sexual past and complacency to mediocrity, it would fit right in.
  • Heath Ledger is either boinking one of David Blaine's ladies, Helena Christensen or Kate Bosworth. In any case, he is definitely over Michelle Williams.
  • So far the numbers aren't looking good for 50 Cent in his battle against Kanye West. West's "Graduation" is beating out the rapper's "Curtis" with around 100,000 additional copies sold. But neither of the artists are anywhere close to their last album sales numbers. 50 Cent has said if he doesn't out sell West, he will retire from solo work. And people don't forget that these two are basically on the same record label so upped sales for both of them mean good things.

    And finally,
    People Magazine names their best and worst dressed of 2007. Somehow with their old lady styles, Katie Holmes and Beyonce top the Best, along with stylish Cameron Diaz, Reese Witherspoon and Jessica Biel. Congrat, I think, ladies....