Thursday, September 27, 2007

Daily Round Up

Ok so let’s start off the Daily Rounds with a look at the above picture and understand how this guy got away with murder – even if he invented the wall of sound.

  • It’s official. LA is the most dangerous place to live if you are a woman.... The Phil Spector trial ended with a mistrial after two weeks of a deadlocked jury. While the jurors are already running to the news outlets to tell America how close it was, we are left wondering – will anyone ever be found guilty of murder in LA when its so painfully obvious they committed the crime? So heads up all wanna be wife beaters – LA is the place to be.

  • Bam Margera thanks Jessica Simpson for sleeping with him, pissing off his ex-girlfirend, who then broke all his stuff and led him to his true love Mindy.

  • The first model goes home on America's Next Top Model. Tyra pretends she cares by having the first photo shoot be a basic anti-smoking campaign and having the ladies take two pictures - one pretty with a cigarette and the other them dying of cancer or face lesions. It was gross and weird and all the things I love about this shit fest. Tyra sent the girl who never cries and looks like a creepy version of Thora Birch. I just can’t wait till the makeovers so we can shut up that Brandy chick from Queens.

  • Mollygood discusses the creepy new pictures of Michael Jackson. With a recent photo shoot with Bruce Weber for a magazine article.

  • Martin Scorsese will direct and produce a documentary on the life of George Harrison. Robert Redford will take on the big sreen adaptation of Richard A. Clarke's memoirs of his tenure working in the White House, "Against All Enemies".

  • Julia Allison describes how the internet is to be thanked for how easy it is to become famous nowadays. Prime Examples!!!!

    And I would like to say a big thank you to Mollygood who quoted my David Hasselhoff post from yesterday about his upcoming gig on E!. I read Cord's site every day and am excited for that kind of exposure. THanks again!!!

    REMINDER:make sure to check out the season premiers of My Name is Earl & The Office. They are both an hour long and begin at 8PM tonight on NBC. I am extremely excited to see where Pam and Jim are!!!!!!!