Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Let's get it to it...

  • Thank you TMZ for creating a thousand new nightmare possibilities with this picture. 2007 is the downfall year for chicks that were hot in 1999 - Britney, Jenna Jameson, Jennifer Love Hewitt.
  • Led Zeppelin reunite....for one show in London. At least this saves me from having to get on a bus to Giants Stadium with 400 dude bros, drunk, singing "Stairway to Heaven".
  • The birth control pill not only keeps babies awayit keeps your boobs in check too. No word yet if it will begin to kick Herpes ass anytime soon.
  • Hayden and Stephen split...The 18 year old starlet finally realized since all the other tartlets are in rehab, in jail or knocked up, she has her pick of LALAland.
  • Jon Stewart will be hosting the Oscars once again. Hopefully Sarah Silverman will watch and learn something.
  • Angelina Jolie might not be nice.In other news, she has four kids, a hot boyfriend and ridiculously big news. So glad I was paying attention today.

    And lastly,
  • Courtney Love gives good mouse.

    Jason Preston, boy toy of designer Marc Jacobs, was seen wearing a mouse pin (above image)at a recent NY Fashion Week event. When asked why he couldn't take it off, he informed everyone that it was a present from Courtney Love. You could also get smack or herpes from her too, but most people don't wear that on their lapel for show and tell, jerk off!