Friday, September 14, 2007


Ok so in today's news, President Bush almost admits he has been wrong for awhile, OJ could be robbing people now instead of decapitating them and Vincent Gallo is a sick individual. So all in all, nothing truly new....So let's get to it.

  • I used to defend this woman - but she is just fucking nuts now! Get help and quick.

  • Confirming what most Americans already knew, President Bush last confirmed we are not faring well in the war in Iraq and will be withdrawing troops by Christmas of this year.
  • Speaking of nutty Republicans,Vincent Gallo is still a douche bag. The "artist" went on a hateful rant towards a New York Post critic, Frank Scheck, who is working on a special "penis on film" article for the Post. Scheck apparently discusses the accuracy of Gallo's member in the famous fellatio scene inThe Brown Bunny, also starring Gallo's then girlfriend, Chloe Sevigny.
  • I wonder if these chicks do it Tantric style? Sting gets caught leaving a brothel in Europe at 2 AM.
  • Demi Moore blames her age, not her lack of talent for the dried up job offers.
  • O.J. Simpson wanted by the cops, again. Complain all you want about the injustice in the justice system, but Paris Hilton DID MORE TIME IN JAIL THEN O.J.!!!!! Now that's a sickening though! This man needs to be eradicated from this planet and NOW!!!!
  • Kid Rock explains the reason he punched Tommy Lee. Seriously, we get it dude and we truly wish more damage was done. Rock also explains why he would waste his time at the VMAs and ponders why Lee was there, especially since Lee has apparently quit Motley Crue.
  • Fred Durst was in need of publicity so badhe allegedly ran over two ladies last year and left the scene. And yes, we are all just finding out about it now, so the plan backfired loser.

  • This chick still hasn't confirmed her pregnancy??? I get that your husband is Jewish and its all kinds of bad luck to discuss a baby in the early stages of pregnancy, but this kid is going to be going to junior high before she acknowledges its presence to the public.
  • Perez Sezincreases Vh1's ratings by more then a 100% with their young demographic. The VMAs special featured guests like Amy Winehouse, Simon Cowell and Pete Wentz. Not sure what this says about Vh1's programming or their viewers, but people are paying attention in numbers to Hilton.

    Enjoy the day peeps - and don't forget to check out Spielster's post on our most recent obsession/crush - Anthony Bourdain. We will be chatting about all things Bourdain next week.