Tuesday, September 11, 2007

In the wake of today,

I am not sure which direction I want my posts to go into. I on one hand can discuss the fact that 6 years after the 9/11 attacks we are no closer to any sort of acceptance of the events, nor can we comprehend why they occurred.

All day I have been commenting on Gawker on what the Britney debacle of Sunday means. Did MTV use her? Has America used her? Is she using herself? I pretty much agree with all three. While discussing the issue with some of my comment buddies, we began discussing the sexualizing of kids - especially females in this country. I would like to just put up one of my posts from the conversation here and I really would like to hear some feedback from you my readers.


Please read the whole article The Truth About Britney and then this comment.

"I think what is dangerous about Britney is that we, the royal we of American entertainment spectators, created her. We have turned watching celebrities, especially young, naive and coverage hungry women, into a sport. The problem is this girl is playing along and I think to some point can not live without being in the limelight. She could have easily slinked back a few years ago and grown up. She could have said "Stay the fuck out of my business!" But instead she put the train wreck on parade.

America is definitely partly to blame and its a two fold problem. The first is our recent acceptance of mediocrity (lip synching singers, dumb Presidents, faulty administrations). Still to this day it pisses me off when you hear morons explain Bush just sitting there on 9/11/01 and say "He did the best he could." Really is that acceptable? When did just sort of trying become admirable in this country? This attitude is everywhere - supermarkets, wall street, at my own desk - but its huge right now in the music industry. Spears hasn't sang a note in public in probably 4 years and no one seems to mind this.

And the second one is - We over sexualized most of our young woman stars - i.e. "Rolling Stone" cover of Spears in a her undies at age 16. We let Brooke Shields lay naked at age 12 as a prostitute in a movie. I believe Jodie Foster was 14 in Taxi Driver. Don't get me started on the perverse conversations that occurred until the 18th birthdays of the Olsen Twins. We spray tan 6 year olds for beauty pageants. And whats really bizarre is once these girls actually begin partaking in "sexual activities" we freak out. We splatter the news of Britney making out with men all over the covers of magazines. We mock her for "becoming a woman" too soon, because all the media wanted was a sexual plaything.

Do I think she has played a major role in the demise of an artificial career? Yeah because unlike a lot her counter parts she lacks talent and more importantly creativity and free thinking. What we saw on Sunday was a just teenage brat not wanting to do what was asked of her? And thats her prerogative, but if you don't want to do it, then don't."