Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Daily Rounds

Ok so I went on my tantrum, mourned the loss of MTV in my life, watched "Rock of Love" and everything is right with the world again. So let's get to the news today. As one would imagine, on 9/11, this isn't a happening day for gossip or entertainment news. There is a bunch of political stuff to discuss, but it tends to make me mad and I would prefer to get on the happy side this evening. So let's get to it:

  • Tom Ford might night like it, but he knows it sells. And yes, I am talking about the vajayjay. NSFW

  • Oh Wah!!!! The Catholic League are whinning about Kathy Griffin dissing those who thank Jesus for everything in her Emmy acceptance speech. May, don't you guys have little kids to protect from priests??? And E! will be censoring her speech when they broadcast the program. So what else is new??? This woman says what she thinks and I love her for it!!!!!!
  • Sex and The City: The Movie wanted to increase the amount of gay males in the audience with their newest edition.They have signed Jennifer Hudson to the feature length film as Carrie's assistant. I am also guessing Ms. Bradshow will be Queen Blogger in this one.
  • Does this girl actually work there? I mean what does she do as "guest list coordinator" that needs an office. And how much money does a club promoter make, while not selling drugs on the side, that they can have this amount of office space???
  • Stephanie Tanner is pregnant and Half of Michelle Tanner is on drugs. Nice going Danny!

  • Can she be any cuter? Reese Witherspoon dishes all, well almost to ELLE magazine for their October issue.
  • Kennedy Center picks it recipients for their 2007 Honors. Those who have received this award are Steve Martin, Diana Ross and Martin Scorcese. The Honors will be presented on December 2nd at the Kennedy Center and will air on CBS later that month, on the 26th. CONGRATS!!!!!!!

    And finally, Somber ceremonies acknowledge another anniversary. On this day, please try and connect with a loved one, take a stab at something new and just enjoy what's around you. If there is no better lesson from the horrific attacks of 6 years ago, it is that we are not promised tomorrows. Let's celebrate life today for the gifts we have and keep those who have lost a loved on in our hearts.