Thursday, September 13, 2007

File under guilty pleasures...

Ok, you can admit it- you are in love with “Rock of Love” with Bret Michaels. If you aren’t watching this, you should be. It’s like a bunch of Kelly Bundys looking for love with the has been rocker, Michaels. Last Sunday, we watched the final four battle it out in Las Vegas for an all night date with the main man.

Two of these crazies got so drunk with Bret’s “band” that they were puking before dinner.

The stripper, Heather, sat and watched everyone get drunk while she was stuffing her face with oysters. Jess, my personal fave, won the first “alone” date because she was so helpful to the drunkies. Apparently, Jess and Bret had a real connection that night, which means they had sex and that thought made me vomit a bit in my mouth.

The next day Jess was sent back to the “Rock” mansion (or VH1’s standard reality house) and Brandi, Lacey and Heather were in competition for that nights all night date. Brandi made the mistake of leaking out true feelings to the She-Devils, who quickly ratted her out to Michaels. Brandi was shipped back to LA, Heather and Lacey battled it out for that evening’s overnight and we watched Lacey turn the crying on once again to wrangle in Bret. This guy seriously deserves that crazy devil if he keeps falling for that shit

In the end, the party animal, Brandi decided Bret wasn’t for her and didn’t fess up until elimination. That made Bret mad and the three girls happy. This weekend we will meet the parents of Lacey, Heather and Jess.. And Heather won’t forget Lacey stabbing her in the back in Vegas. I am seriously looking forward to that bitch Lacey reaping what she deserves. My money is on Heather at the end though….What do you all think?