Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Gunmen at St. John's

According to Gawker, a gunmen was detained today at St. Johns University in Queens, NY. The suspect has been arrested, but the school is still under lock down and cops are searching each room, throughout the campus. I believe the full search is just precautionary, especially after the Virginia Tech incident earlier this year.

WNBC is reporting that the man was carrying the gun in a bag and wearing a President Bush mask. They also confirm that while no one was hurt, the school is still being searched.

Here is the official statement from St. Johns and their website:

"A male with a rifle in a bag was apprehended on St. John's Queens campus today. Public Safety officers quickly disarmed the suspect and have turned him over to NYPD. Additional information will be forthcoming as it becomes available."

This story is still developing....