Friday, May 2, 2008

Daily Rounds.....

So last night I checked out The Kills at Webster Hall here in NYC. First, I would beg of any artist or band coming to play NY PLEASE DO NOT SCHEDULE A SHOW HERE. Seriously, the sound is completely off, there is a dance club going on right underneath you during the whole show and the place blows. It just reminds me how sad some people in NY are that this is a hotspot for them. Secondly, can this hipster nonsense be over? And thirdly, if this band comes to town, YOU MUST CHECK THEM OUT. The two piece, technically from England, brings together a dark BRMC vibe with the unexpected joy of old White Stripes. The chemistry is incredibly apparent between Allison, from punk/emo band Discount fame and Jamie Hince, British rocker and boyfriend of Kate Moss. Hince has an electricity not usually found in a small band and his guitar playing is methodical and emotional at the same time. Allison truly is what a rock star should be. The girl gives some of the best female vocals I have ever heard and brings an energy similar to a Robert Plant or Steven Tyler to her performances. I have to say with the new wave of rock acts marking their territories, I think the ladies my pull ahead finally in this battle. The show was met with a few difficulties like a late start and then being shut down for twenty minutes so the FDNY could inspect multiple electric fires everywhere. It was hard to get back into the groove once they could start playing again and since the crowd were a bunch of wankers. It didn’t matter cause the band was great and I highly recommend checking them out if they come around your way.

Today’s Daily Rounds are just a bit of snippets of stuff I was not aware until this week and some cute little animal news. This weekend we will be putting together what you should be listening to music wise and our TV roundup…

  • * Barbara Walters used to get crazy. The well known reporter published her memoirs and she revealed that in the 1970’s she had an affair with married U.S. Senator Edward Brooke, who was also the first black Senator elected to the position. She will be on Oprah next Tuesday to dish the dirt. Maybe O will make her cry.

  • * Lou Reed married his longtime partner Laurie Anderson in a small ceremony in Colorado earlier this month. Congrats!

  • * Dave Navarro is schtooping my favorite porn star Stormy Daniels! If you don’t know who I am talking about, she is in the R Rated comedy, 40 Year Old Virgin and Busty Cops 2!!!! His ex-wife Carmen Electra just got herself engaged her boyfriend of less than a year Rob Patterson from KORN.

  • * Its good luck to throw your baby off a mountain in India. Let’s keep that custom over there, okay?

  • *This little monkey is too much. Conchitta, a white-naped mangabey born at the London Zoo, has taken to a teddy bear as her mother, since her mother was unable to care for her from birth. And in other monkey news, Ricky, the special needs monkey due to an attack at birth, celebrated his birthday at Natureland a small zoo that has been forced to close its doors in New Zealand due to lack of funds. Come on people pony up the dough to help these people out.

  • * And lastly, Mariah Carey is officially crazy. Carey married Nick Cannon this week in Bermuda. The couple of a few weeks married in a small wedding ceremony at Carey’s new pad down there. Oh and there is no pre-nup. I can’t wait until this bitch loses her mind again. Mariah can make Britney Spears look like mom of the year when she gets on a roll. No confirmation yet from Carey’s or Cannon’s reps, but many relatives and “close sources” have already confirmed the nuptials. Hmm, I give it three months.