Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Uma Thurman's Stalker Found Guilty.....

Uma Thurman just got a bit of justice, since her accused stalker of two and half years was was found guilty of the charges in a New York City courtroom yesterday. Jordan was found guilty of the charges that came from his various letters, appearances at the actress’ house and his sheer determination to be around her whenever he could. He also called her two children from ex-husband Ethan Hawke and illusion.

What’s interesting about this case is there was a Wall Street Journal reporter on the jury and she has writtenabout her experience and the reason why the jury found him guilty of one count of stalking and one count of aggravated harassment. Emily Steele, the WSJ reporter goes into great detail about the jury process and how they came to the final verdict. It was interesting to hear about the twelve people who ultimately decide this man and many other accused criminal’s fates. It was appreciated that Ms. Thurman’s case was not handled any differently because she was a celebrity. Jordan faces up to a year and half in prison for the charges.