Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Linsday's picking herself up and dusting herself off.....

It looks my Lil Lohan is finally getting back into the swing of things and actually acting. The massive girl crush I have on my hometown hero is relatively known by my readers and friends and I was so glad when she was able to resurrect herself and career after Rehabgate of 2007. In the past few days, she has found her way into about a bazillion news/gossip stories and only one of them is actually negative. First, let’s discuss the positive. Lohan has started filming on the season finale of “Ugly Betty” and she reportedly plays a Mean Girl from Betty’s high school that used to torture her. Ok, this is perfect casting. My Long Island girl will present one of the finest Queens accents you have ever seen. I actually might tune into this hot mess to check out this performance. Secondly, Lindsay is currently working on the comedy “Ye Olde Times”, starring Jack Black and will be in production until late 2008. And today, the New York Post reported that the actress will also star in “Labor Pains”, a movie about a girl who fakes a pregnancy to keep her job. So congrats my little lady on the positive news coverage you have received this week.

And now to the negative, Lohan is being accused of stealing an $11,000 fur coat from a party at 1Oak a few months ago. The woman who claims her coat was taken from the party’s coat bin, said she contacted Lohan’s lawyers to get the coat back once she saw Miss Lindsay in it in some paparazzi shot. The woman, Masha Markova, a 22 year old student, is now suing Lohan for rental or damages or some other kind of bullshit for “damages” on the coat once she got it back from the lawyers. I don’t really care either way and I know how much it sucks because my favorite jean jacket in the world was stolen from me at a party and I still miss it 5 years later, but who the hell is dumb enough to leave an $11,000 coat anywhere? Ugh! Keep your head up LiLo!