Monday, May 19, 2008

The beauty that is Lohan.....

Even though my boyfriend promised to break up with me if I watch the upcoming Lohan family reality program, Living Lohan on E!, I will still tune in. I mean what kind of pop culture blog journalist would I be if I didn’t research this firsthand? My ass is all excited after seeing the following clip of the highly anticipated program that highlights why stage moms should receive special places in hell. This coupled with Vh1’s I Know My Kid’s a Star can truly explain why success stories like Lindsay Lohan, Dana Plato and Corey Haim were possible. Maybe in the next few years parents will push their kids to read books more and become scientists, but who knows. I know I will be fully participating in the corrupting of the minor that is Ali Lohan and can not wait to see my hometown, Merrick, all over E!, while hearing the word song pronounced SAWNG! The show will focus on the "momager" to Ali Lohan, young sis of my starlet crush Lindsay, and her quest for the fame and fortune that sent her sister into rehab three times before age 21. Got to love a chick with goals. Capitalizing on the success of her eldest, Dina ushers her youngins around town, lets her fourteen year old daughter dress like a mini-me and has no problem avoiding sending any of her daughters to school. Enjoy the bliss that is Mama Lohan….