Wednesday, May 21, 2008

American Idol - Who will come out on top?

Ok so for any of you who have watched this season of American Idol, I am sure you know what I am thinking. That little creepy Archuleta kid is gonna steal the crown from David Cook tonight, ain’t he? Yeah so Arch did really well last night and sung his heart out through his ballads and I heard even creepier little girls oohing and declaring love for him, but seriously, you think this kid is a pop star? He creeps me out soooo much! I don’t know if it’s the fact that he looks like a ventriloquist dummy or one of those hairy toys from the 80’s. The main reason why this kid should not win is he has ZERO personality. In fact, I would dare anyone out there to find a kid more deprived of any soul or personality. Yech! David Cook, while not my cup of tea, breathes fresh air into this stale pop star show American Idol. His rock, yet way too radio friendly, sound is refreshing on this show, which usually churns out karaoke performer after karaoke performer. After watching last night’s performances, I was a bit mad the judges didn’t take any time to discuss the competition and performances as a whole. IT’s one thing to have a great night, anyone can, but to be consistently good and keep bringing you’re A game is a very tough thing to do and I think the only person throughout this whole thing who has done this is David Cook. Simon last night acknowledged that Cook didn’t play the better game last night and by that he meant pander to the public. Archuleta did that and very well I might add. The show was configured around some hooky “boxing” angle, where each performer would be crowned “winner of the round” and at one point came out in boxing robes. Yikes was that lame.
I would like Cook to win because he is a talented and different type of performer for the show and I think it would confirm that the show is more than just a few musical theater geeks performing on a big stage. But many people think that it would actually be better for Cook’s career if he did come in second place. Overall, the producers and the network really need to sit down and figure out a way to change this program because the ratings are falling and interest is waning. So I will be watching tonight to see if the true star gets his due or if the American Idol viewers fall for another creepy dude singing ballads. Unfortunately, I am afraid it will be the later.

Entertainment Weekly interviewed the two Davids after last night’s show

Here is David Archuleta’s best performance last night

Here is David Cook’s best performance last night